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Evgenij Zimirev

Evegenij Zimirev is a painter from Arkhangelsk who has through many years instructed at the the arts academy in Arkhangelsk. He's a nationally recognized artist and has been represented on a number of arts displays across the whole continent of Europe. Has made illustrations to the books «Norwegian folk belief for Russian speakers» and «Norwegian folk music for Russian speakers».


Tatjana Zimireva

Tatjana Zimireva is an artist and educator. Studied at art school in Yaroslavl. Participates in various of different artistic projects both in Russia and abroad. Has colored covers of the books "Norwegian folk belief for Russian speakers" and "Norwegian folk music for Russian speakers".


Dmitry Novitsky

Dimitry Novitsky is a painter from Kirovski in Murmansk community where he's also a chairman in the artist associated union. He has since 1992 held multiple international art display events. Is also recognized for his ice- and snow sculptures. Has illustrated the Russian predanies (figures) in the book «In the Chud's foot tracks».


Håvar Spitzburger

Håvar Spitzburger is from Tromsø. He is IT-manager and head of artistic design at Arktisk Forlag. Has amongst other things illustrated the last 7 covers of the books "Living legend traditions from Northern Norway", and the academic book "Introduction to cognitive pedagogy".

Project management


Snorre Larsen

Project manager (and former production manager).

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